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Questions about products

The Antioxidant Drink LycopenPRO with Vitamin C helps in protecting cells against oxidative stress (reducing the amount of free radicals). Oxidative stress is one of the key factors in relation to cancer diseases.

The Lycopene Drink LycopenPRO is not additionally sweetened; it contains naturally occurring sugars present in fruits. It does not contain preservatives and colorants.

The Lycopene Drink LycopenPRO contains only 50 kcal per 100 ml.

Yes, the Lycopene Drink LycopenPRO does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Also, no animal-derived products are used in its production process.

LycopenPRO does not contain any commonly allergenic ingredients.

The date by which LycopenPRO is best consumed can be found printed on the bottle. However, once opened, the bottle should be consumed within 24 hours.

Yes, as long as they do not suffer from allergies or intolerance reactions to any ingredient.

Store in a dry, cool, and dark place. After opening, store in the refrigerator, no longer than 24h. The drink may undergo natural separation. Shake before opening.

Lycopene is present in red fruits and vegetables, such as watermelons, pink grapefruits, apricots, pink guavas, papaya, rosehip fruits, carrots, pumpkins, or sweet potatoes. In LycopenPRO, we only use natural antioxidants. The Lycopene in the LycopenPRO drink is obtained from tomatoes because they are the richest source of this compound and contain 80–90% of all carotenoids found in food.

Questions about lycopene

In LycopenPRO, we only use natural antioxidants. Based on the patented formula (EP 1817017) by Prof. Dr. Hab. Piotr Chomczyński, Lycopene is obtained exclusively from the highest quality Polish tomatoes. The Lycopene contained in LycopenPRO undergoes an isomerization process, making it 100% absorbable by the human body.

Isomerization is a process in which, under the influence of heat (thermal energy), we can change the geometry and shape of a molecule. Lycopene is characterized by a high number of isomers due to the large number of carbon atoms. Isomers differ in their physical and chemical properties; in the case of Lycopene, significant differences can be observed in absorbability, antioxidant potential, and molecule stability. The Lycopene contained in LycopenPRO undergoes an isomerization process, making it 100% absorbable by the human body.

First and foremost, each bottle of LycopenPRO guarantees 30 mg of natural and 100% absorbable Lycopene. Unlike tablets, LycopenPRO provides a pleasant consumption experience and unique taste sensations.

The lycopene drink LycopenPRO is a product obtained from natural raw materials and is a suitable component of the daily diet. However, it should not be used by people who have allergic reactions or intolerance to any ingredient. It is also advisable to consume it without products containing calcium, as this mineral negatively affects the absorption of Lycopene by the body.

Lycopene is a plant-derived pigment. It gives fruits and vegetables a red color. It is the most effective known natural antioxidant among plant-derived carotenoids. It is present in many fruits, but primarily in commonly available tomato fruits and their processed products.

Antioxidants in the diet are very important, but it is very difficult to provide the body with an effective dose of Lycopene due to the low and fluctuating concentration of Lycopene in vegetables and fruits. Moreover, Lycopene in fresh fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes is mainly in the form of the all-trans isomer, which is characterized by low absorbability in the human body. In LycopenPRO, mainly cis isomers are present, which are characterized by high absorbability, making our product so unique!

Free radicals are compounds that occur in the human body. Free radicals are produced in the course of numerous processes occurring under physiological and pathological conditions, as well as under the influence of various environmental factors. When the balance between the production and neutralization of excess free radicals (oxidative stress) is disturbed, it leads to the oxidation of proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids, and consequently to cell and tissue damage.

Antioxidants are compounds that have the ability to quench free radicals in the human body. The neutralization of a free radical by an antioxidant involves the transfer of a missing electron, thereby reducing the free radical’s ability to damage the body.

Questions about orders, delivery, and payment

If you place an order on a business day before 12 PM, we will send it to you within 48 hours!

Any products in their original and unopened packaging can be returned to us within 14 days of delivery for a refund or exchange. More details can be found in the Terms and Conditions under Withdrawal from the Agreement.

As we strive to process your order as quickly as possible, changing or cancelling an order is unfortunately not possible. This applies to changing products, delivery address, or payment method. However, you have the right to return the product according to the Terms and Conditions under Withdrawal from the Agreement.

Yes! If you would like to order LycopenPRO abroad, please contact us via the contact form or get in touch by email or phone ( contact@lycopharm.com +48 22 230 2165).

For your convenience, the following payment methods are available:

Credit/Debit Card
Fast online transfer or traditional bank transfer
Cash on Delivery
For subscription orders, payment by debit or credit card is available. All transactions on the LycopPharm website are encrypted and secure. All packages sent via courier are tracked and insured.

Questions about LycopenPRO subscription

The LycopenPRO subscription involves delivering our products to your address every 30 days. We send the first package immediately after the order is paid for, and the next one 30 days later after automatically deducting the funds from your account. You can edit or cancel your subscription at any time. More information on how to cancel your subscription can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

You can unsubscribe by logging into your customer account and going to the subscription tab. You can also write us an email, and we will do it for you. Remember that the subscription expires after a full 30-day billing period.

You can edit your subscription by logging into your customer account and going to the subscription tab. You can also write us an email, and we will do it for you.

Subscribing to LycopenPRO is very simple.

Select at least 2 flavor sets, then choose Subscription as the order type. Next, create an account, and fill in the delivery address and payment. Within a maximum of 48 hours, you will receive your first order.

When you place a subscription order, you provide us with your card number, and we deduct the appropriate amount from it every 30 days. It works just like paying for Netflix. All payments are encrypted and 100% secure.

The LycopenPRO subscription saves you time and money! You don’t have to worry, we will remember for you. You will receive regular deliveries of LycopenPRO straight to your home without wasting time on reordering and payment. Everything happens automatically, every 30 days! By subscribing, you get a 10% discount.

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